Elephant Ride: Discover the Wildlife from Atop Elephant

Elephant Ride is an alternative way to have fun when you have a holiday. In Bali, you can do this activity and ask your family or friends to go with you. Speaking about things to do in Bali are not always the beaches or clubs. You may find enough with the hustle when you go to the beach or the other happening places. A short escape to do something different is needed if you wish to find a new sensation. Just keep reading this article, and find out why you should take an Elephant Ride in Bali.


As one of the reliable tour platforms, Wandernesia has made the tourists feel more wonderful when they had a holiday in Bali. Providing numerous Bali Activities, Tours, and Attraction, you can set up the best itinerary with Wandernesia. As the previous paragraph suggested, one of our recommendations is Elephant Ride. The ride will take place in Mason Adventure. This place is well-known for those who seek for thrill and wild adventure yet safely.  Be worry free to enjoy the complimentary hotel transfer. If you book on Wandernesia, you can get into the place and return to the hotel safely in a comfy car with a friendly driver.

There are many available packages for you to choose. The packages are varied, start from the ride only, washing the elephant, safari under the starry night, or have a breakfast with the elephants! As long as it meets your needs and times, you are free to pick the desired package. All of the packages include the insurance. So, your safety will be guaranteed since it is our first top priority. Moreover, the elephants are also well-trained and tame. Even you can take the infants to have the elephant ride too. Surely it will put them in happiness!


Once you get on the elephant’s back, prepare to be amazed by the different point of view. Look at the lush green plantation around you. Feel the serene ambiance that will bring the new energy in you. For those who want to have more experience, you can get into the water with the elephants and wash them. Splashing some waters and watching the elephant spraying some waters from its trunk could be the exciting moment for you. Or, having an appetizing breakfast with the companion from elephants would give a perfect way to start the day, wouldn’t it? Last but not least, don’t forget to take the whole squad or family to share this moment! (HN)

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